It's time to stop pretending you're this average person.
You've got big work to do. Let's go.

What would your business look like if you operated beyond your comfort zone?

You’ve got big plans for yourself, don’t you? You dream about your creative business taking off one of these days.

You’ve taken all the e-courses! and done all the research! and read all the blogs! but no matter how many tips, tricks, and best practices you hoard, you still can't seem to find your way beyond the questions to the business (and life!) you want.

How do you get started asking for what you want?

How do you even know what you want?

What if you follow up and they say no? What does that say about your future?

What if you make bold statements about what you stand for and how your business can change the world – and someone doesn't like it?

And what if you (finally!) take inspired action and go all in but end up failing?

The doubts keep sending you back to your internet tailspin, into the arms of the social media posts, the courses, the blog posts, the I-should-learn-that-too!’s.

The result is mediocre at best – a website that’s fine but doesn’t stand out among the masses, lovely emails that don’t garner unsubscribes but also aren’t saying anything, great ideas and subsequent pitches that dance around in your head but never get sent, and a business that doesn’t thrill you. At all.

You’re sick of spinning your wheels, trying to stay busy, and waiting for someone to finally take note of your amazing work.

It’s time to raise your hand and say yes to the things that scare you, to what you really want to say to the world, to sending the pitches and making the asks, and to the business (and life!) you deserve.

Newsflash, Gorgeous: With the right combination of clarity and action (and a dash of scrappy resilience), this will be the year that your business learns to fly.

It's your turn to say yes to the big dreams that keep you up at night, to making bold moves, and to figuring things out as you go. You are ready. Now. (I promise.)

You’ll start pitching. You’ll get clarity on your brand and what you have to offer the world. You go all in on yourself, on your voice, on your own unique form of magic.

Darling, it’s time to start being remarkable.

Welcome to 100 Rejection Letters

100 Rejection Letters is a 10 month strategy and mentorship program dedicated to helping you embrace creative risk, step beyond your fear (and your comfort zone!) and build a truly remarkable business and brand.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get 100 Rejection Letters, thereby proving to the world what a badass you are. With the combination of mentorship, structure, support, and accountability, you'll be able to start doing all of the work you've only been thinking about doing up until now.

This program will teach you how to master the art of making the ask, clarify the story that your brand is trying to tell, focus on your goals, and create a habit of sustained action towards building a business you love.

You’ll walk away with a heaping dose of confidence, a jam-packed toolbox, and a business that is killing it.

The time to start is right now. (No. Really. Now.)

When you stop spinning your wheels, clearly define your brand, and start taking action, you will connect with your right people, make more money and (finally!) be doing the work you've been dreaming about.



Oh, hey. I'm legit.

In 2012, I was tired of thinking about the things I wanted to do rather than actually doing them. So I made a public declaration to get 100 rejection letters, fear be damned! Since then, I've turned my just-fine business into my dream business:

+ I launched my Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast, which has been named an iTunes New & Noteworthy and a What's Hot podcast, it's surpassed half a million (!!) downloads and is consistently ranked as a top podcast for creative entrepreneurs.

+ I landed writing, speaking, and teaching gigs at some of the creative community's favorite places, including designformankind.com, Paper & Stitch, ALT Summit, Craftcation Conference, the Hello Sessions (hi, keynote!), and CreativeLive.

+ I built a 6-figure business that includes sold-out programs, baller collaborations, dream relationships, and an inbox filled with more opportunities than I could possibly say yes to. 

My business and I finally started getting the attention I wanted all along, but it didn't come until I put myself and my creative work into the world - in a BIG way. Not only did I increase my reach, my community, and my revenue, but I also learned that making bold moves and taking creative risks before I was ready were the keys to my success. 

I've combined everything I've learned by building my own business and helping hundreds of women build theirs and put it into this program, which Inc. Magazine has called a challenge that will "ignite your creative spark and start you on the journey to prolific creation." #likeaboss

This year, I’ll dig deeper, get scrappier, and make even bolder moves -  and I can’t wait to show you how to do the same! I'm like the best teacher-bad-cop-cheerleader you never knew you needed. Let’s get going…


Success stories from 100 Rejection Letter students:


After completing 100 Rejection Letters, Christine went full-force in her scrapbooking business *and* landed a year-long residency with Adobe!

“Tiffany taught me how to start before I was ready and to say YES even when it's scary!" - Christine Herrin


Indigo used her rejection letters to reach new clients and collaborations for her VA business and has been propelled into a grown-up-blown-up biz - waitlists, partnerships and classes...oh my!

“This program is AMAZING; the stuff of magic. It's literally life-changing”
- Indigo Colton


Heidi used her work in 100RL to focus on what she really wanted for her biz, develop and pitch new classes and products, and build strong, lasting relationships throughout her industry. 

“Tiffany is brilliant! My business has blown up so much since starting this program!”
- Heidi Lowell


The Logistics

Starting November 7, over the course of 10 months, you'll get...

+ A 100 Rejection Letters starter kit and inspiration pack which includes your rejection tracker and gold star stickers, an inspiration journal to capture all your brilliant ideas on the go and 2 prints (designed by the amazing Erin Cassidy!) to keep you motivated.

+ Lessons and complementary worksheet packs, starting with a 6-week branding bootcamp and moving into monthly lessons starting in January, designed to help you clarify your goals, solidify your brand, communicate it to the world, and start pitching your way towards your dream business.

+ Discussion forum on the 100 Rejection Letters course website.

+ A monthly Q&A call with me where you’ll be able to get personal feedback on your monthly assignment and address any roadblocks or next steps.

+ A monthly custom meditation created by my personal spiritual guru, Lacy Young, that will get you energized and inspired to get to work with confidence. Because your time is now! 

+ A quarterly behind-the-scenes Inside Scoop look at my business where I break down my business goals and revenue, what’s working, what’s not working, and what I'm focusing on next.

+ Small-group accountability with other creative entrepreneurs. This is your chance to connect with and receive support from like-minded creative entrepreneurs and to set up systems for working through the program content. There will also be prizes for the teams with the highest completion rate. Because: YES.

+ A monthly brain picking interview with one of the featured 100 Rejection Letters experts...
you pick the questions, you get your answers. It’s like an episode of Raise Your Hand Say Yes
where you get to call the shots!




Susannah Conway
Writer, Teacher & Photographer

Sarah Von Bargen
Writer, Blogger, Strategist

Lisa Congdon
Artist, Illustrator, Author, Speaker

Alison Faulkner
Writer, Speaker, Dance Party PRO

Cyndie Speigel
Business Coach, Speaker

Sarah Deragon
Photographer, Speaker

Elise Blaha Cripe
Writer, Podcaster, Planner Biz Owner

Jenn Lee
Business Coach, Author, Speaker

Erin Cassidy
Graphic Designer, Teacher

Flora Bowley
Artist, Writer, Teacher



The first 50 people to register will receive bonus 1-on-1 brand feedback from me in a small group (4 peeps each per call!) strategy session. Not only will you get my expert and candid eyeballs on your brand after you’ve worked your way through my branding bootcamp, but you’ll also get the benefit of watching me fine tune other brands as well!

#winwin & #perfecttiming (valued at $250)

For the first 50 registrants! (7 spots left!)

The Curriculum

6-week branding bootcamp


First: We start with a 6-week branding bootcamp, where you’ll have weekly lessons that help you define and refine your brand. Wondering how exactly to articulate what you do, who you do it for, and how you stand out among the masses? You'll walk away knowing all of those answers and being able to use them to craft your plans and strategies.

Mapping your goals

Next: We kick off the new year by assessing where you are in your business, uncovering your Big Vision, and then mapping out your goals - both long and short term - so that you know both your starting place and where you want to be going.

Your pitch plan

Then: You’ll craft your pitch plan and learn the art of the follow-up, how to find the easy yes, and how to evaluate what's working and what isn't. (Don’t worry! It will be fun!) You'll also learn the nuts and bolts of pitching so you can get out there and make your asks!

Sustained action + next level work

Finally: You'll develop a habit of sustained action and learn how to generate all the ideas, keep up with all the work and new opportunities that are coming your way, and take your pitching to the next level.  

It will be challenging. It will be intense. And most of all, it will be more fun than you can even imagine.



How to define your creative work to your unique audience.

The basics of branding - your What, your Why, and your How - and how to apply them to everything you do.

Goal-setting guidelines for your 2017...and what needs to happen to make it your best business year yet!

How to craft a pitch plan based on your specific goals, and the things you can (and should!) start doing before writing a single email.

Systems for tracking your pitches, managing the yes's, and learning from the no’s so that they still become wins. #learningrules

Structure for evaluating your progress, evolving your business, and finding the right kinds of support.

The fundamentals of next level pitching and how to apply aaaalll your learning to catapult your pitching and make the Big Asks.

And, most important of all, you'll have the confidence and empowerment to use all of these tools to get to work on your dream business.

It's time to embrace your badass self and (finally!) start doing the work you're meant to be doing. Yes. You.

Want more?

The 100 Rejection Letter + BrandCrush Combo (only 12 spots left!)

If you've been considering this program, but also know you need a website upgrade to showcase your remarkable brand and business, the 100 Rejection Letters + BrandCrush Combo is for you.

By enrolling at this level, you’ll be able to not only partake in the 100 Rejection Letters experience, you’ll also get to participate in the January round of BrandCrush, the signature program created by me and my graphic designer lifesaver Erin Cassidy, enabling you to have a ready-to-go-baller-new-website by the time you start pitching.

Bonus: because you'll already have the 6-week branding bootcamp under your belt, this round of BrandCrush will include exclusive new lessons on website copy and social media strategy. (Hey! It looks like someone made varsity!).

This special round of BrandCrush will run January 9-18 and includes:


One-on-one spotlight strategy sesh with Tiffany

A private brand strategy session where we go in-depth into your brand, your words, and your social media to make sure all the parts of your business are singing the same tune. Cause the world is ready to hear this. Plus talk-it-out troubleshooting time with Tiffany at various points throughout the program so that you can make sure you're clear on your messaging, voice, and website goals. 

Exclusive new lessons on website copy and social media strategy

Building on your Branding Bootcamp foundation, you'll get exclusive new lessons on crafting your website copy for your ideal client, clarifying and maintaining your brand voice throughout your site, and how to translate that voice into a social media strategy that doesn't require you to constantly create new content. 

Professional logo & branding style guide

Your choice of a professionally-designed logo, a custom-created color palette and recommended font pairings picked with your business in mind. All of your new branding assets will be wrapped up in a gorgeous, easy-to-use style guide so that you know how to apply your new brand to all of your products and marketing materials as well as where to find all the details for your new colors and font family.

Web design tutorial videos (with lifetime access!)

Step-by-step tutorial videos showing you how to build out your more-than-a-template Squarespace website. Erin will walk you through how to set up your site, add your branding assets, customize your site's formatting, add a newsletter and social media buttons, and special details here and there to make it really shine - basically ALL of her secrets. Bonus: you'll have lifetime access to these videos!

Community of support

A private Facebook group for ongoing support and troubleshooting from Tiffany and Erin throughout the course. Also rumor has it there's another private Facebook group for BrandCrush alumni to connect and learn from each other! (Spoiler alert: there is; that rumor is true. We are the worst at keeping secrets.)

Not only will you have an ally beside you to help you push past the shoulds and identify your musts, you'll be able to take your Big Picture and use it to build your very own baller website. In only 10 days. Like a champion.

Examples from rockstar BrandCrushers:


The Options:

100 Rejection Letters

6-week Branding Bootcamp (Nov & Dec)

Monthly Lessons (starting Jan)

Monthly Q&A Call

Quarterly Inside Scoop Webinar

Monthly Meditation

100 Rejection Letters Kit

Small Group Accountability

Discussion Forum Access

Monthly Expert Brain Picking Interviews

$997 early-bird pricing

$1,247 after 10/24

100 Rejection Letters + BrandCrush

6-week Branding Bootcamp (Nov & Dec)

Monthly Lessons (starting Jan)

Monthly Q&A Call

Quarterly Inside Scoop Webinar

Monthly Meditation

100 Rejection Letters Kit

Small Group Accountability

Discussion Forum Access

Monthly Expert Brain Picking Interviews

10-day Brand Strategy and Squarespace Intensive

1-on-1 Spotlight Strategy Session

Exclusive Lessons on Website Copy + Social Media Strategy

Professionally-designed Logo and Color Palette

Squarespace Design Video Tutorials (with Lifetime Access)

Branding Style Guide + Website Maintenance Guide

Facebook Group for Support and All the High Fives

A new #ohsolegit Squarespace website just in time for you to start pitching #ohyesbaby

$2,497 early-bird pricing

$2,697 after 10/24



100 Rejection Letter participants have landed literary agents and book deals, received countless guest blogging gigs, hooked up with corporate sponsors, started interview series, launched podcasts, gotten gallery shows, booked clients and speaking gigs, and found funding for their creative work.

Are you ready to be the next Success Story?



Heather mastered her pitch to snag wholesale accounts for her oh-so-gorgeous card line and participate in new illustration projects...all she had to do was ask. Bonus: crystal-clear brand, yo!

“100 Rejection Letters is an adrenaline shot into your business!" 
- Heather Strianese


Jen used her 100RL time to make ALL THE THINGS happen in her biz - new website: check, new programs: check, speaking gigs: check, a business she absolutely loves: check, check, check.

“If you are wanting to make big moves in your business, start here. 100RL is the nudge you need.” - Jen Wille


Christina went from big, dreamy visions to legit business, complete with a growing monthly customer list, over 3K Insta followers (after starting with 0!), and all the ideas for her next steps. Oh yes.

“Without this program, I'd still just be thinking about my ideas and not living my big dream.” - Christina Olsen


Why me?

As a brand strategist for highly-creative women, my superpowers are three-fold:

First, I will take that hot mess of ideas rattling around in your head and distill it down to the core of your brand - your What, your Why, and your How.

Then, I will teach you the rules - goal-setting, pitching, following up, growing an audience, increasing your reach, all of it. You learn the nuts and bolts. Because you have to know the rules before you can break 'em.

Finally, I will rattle the cage of your self-imposed comfort zone:

By asking the tough, sticky questions that you don't want to hear, let alone answer.
By calling you on your shit — so, lo & behold, you actually wake up.
By letting the appropriate answer be NO, even when everyone around you wants to hear YES.

(See how this works? It’s my job to make you as uncomfortable as possible for the sake of the business that is waiting for you!)

Not only will I teach you everything I know and have learned about developing your voice, building your brand, and crafting your pitch, I'll also share my ins and outs with you as I keep going towards my big business goals in my own quest for 100 rejection letters.

If I could bottle empowerment and sell it, I would. And if I could promise you a quick fix “6 figures in 6 hours” solution, I’d do that too.

But that’s not how courage works. It’s not how resilience works. It’s not how success works.

Bottom line? By signing up for this program, you are committing to saying yes - to yourself, to the business that you really want, to creating things for yourself even though you have doubts and fears and uncertainties.

Not only will you walk away having embraced the possibility of rejection and realizing that a single no can’t stop you, you will also have spent nearly a year building a remarkable brand that is noteworthy and noticeable to your right people in this crowded market.

This program is not about rejection as a sport. It’s not about sending mass pitches to whichever email addresses you can find. It’s about creating a sustainable action plan and building a solid, remarkable brand that will help you take the steps to a successful business.

It’s about letting go of one single outcome as your make it or break it point. It’s about embracing a philosophy of experimentation and learning and scrappy resilience and an attitude of I don’t know how to do this yet, but I will figure it out no matter what it takes.

And it’s about giving yourself 10 months to do it with structure, accountability, and support so that by this time next year, it’s your habit. It’s your way. It’s your life.

Will it be scary? Absolutely.

Will it take work? And courage? And perseverance? Yes.

Will there be moments when you want to chuck it all, crawl into bed, and give up on everything? Probably.

But will it be worth it? Oh hell yes.

Will you come out of this experience changed in how you approach your life? Oh hell yes.

Will you claim opportunities for yourself that you cannot in this moment even begin to imagine? OH HELL YES.

And isn’t it time for things to really change? Aren’t you tired of waiting around hoping that something happens for you? What if this was your year to MAKE things happen instead?

(Spoiler alert: it is. If you want it.)

Are you with me?

100 Rejection Letters

$997 early-bird pricing

$1,247 after 10/24

Click through for payment plans. 
Registration closes 10/31.

100 Rejection Letters + BrandCrush

$2,497 early-bird pricing

$2,697 after 10/24

Click through for payment plans. 
Registration closes 10/31.



+ But Tiffany, I'm tired of signing up for all the courses and not getting anywhere. How is this program different?

This is absolutely not another e-course. This is an online program unlike any other. I will be your guide and mentor through the 100 Rejection Letters process, but you will have to do the work. Nothing is going to happen for you unless you make a commitment to this project, and, in turn, your business and what it can mean to your life. This is the program for you if you're tired of learning everyone else's rules and are ready to make your own. And if you've made it this far, I know you're ready. So what are you waiting for?

+ But how do you know I’ll follow through? Are you going to come to my house and hold my hand and force me to do the work?

Nope. It’s up to you. I’ll give you the tools to know how to move forward and help you with the mindset shifts necessary for you to believe change is possible. The rest is up to you. Are you willing to make that commitment to finding out what happens when you truly go all in on your creative work?

My goal with this program is to empower you to create a habit of sustained action. And the only way to do that is by letting you do the work. That marathon isn’t going to run itself, Sweets.

And, truth time: if you are so stuck that you can’t work through things on your own, this is not the program for you. I will be helping you form accountability groups, but you still have to do the work on your own.

+ I'm intrigued but nervous at the same time! What else do I need to know?

I get it. Taking the leap into the business that you really want is scary and big. And that's the exact reason why right now is your time. If you weren't nervous, that would mean you didn't care. And if you don't care, this is not the program for you. I firmly believe that feeling like you might throw up is a sign that you're 100% on the right track. I want you to be thrilled at the prospect of what this program could bring to you. And if you're feeling that mix of nervous-excitement? Let’s do this.

+ UGH. But the holidays are coming! Can’t we start in January?

While I understand that the holidays are a busy time, I also know that you can’t put your business on hold when life happens. This program is designed to guide you through your brand clarity work for 6 weeks (with 2 weeks off at the end of the year) so that you can start goal setting in January and pitching in February. You owe yourself this time. Don’t put things off anymore!

+ 10 months is too long for me to commit. Do you have anything shorter?

100 Rejection Letters was created as a long-term program for a reason - there is no quick fix for building a strong, strapping business. And if a quick fix is what you’re after, this isn’t the program for you. At the same time, if you can’t imagine committing 10 months to growing your business (and making it look the way you really want it to look), this program also isn’t for you.

Conversely, if you’re committed to doing what it takes to make your business thrive, join me. You’re ready. And I can’t wait to see what you create.

+ What kind of creative business is this program right for?

I have worked with creative business owners of all kinds - photographers, graphic designers, consultants, coaches, organizers, event planners, jewelry designers, costume and apparel designers, paper product manufacturers, calligraphers, and the list goes on and on. While the industries may vary, my clients all have at least one thing in common - the desire to have more in their lives. If you are finally ready to take some risks and go all in, this program is for you.

If you are looking for a one-and-done, templated "secret" to how to be successful, look elsewhere. But if you are ready to draft your own game plan for your unique business, this program is for you.

+ I'm pretty far along in my business and don't think I need the branding help. Should I still sign up?

If you feel like you aren't taking the actions you want to be taking in your business, then, yes, you should absolutely sign up! And you might be surprised at how much the branding work can help you, both in how you communicate your work to the world and how you make decisions internally. I've consistently heard how valuable my branding training is from both new and established business owners alike!

+ Are you going to make me pitch myself to Facebook groups or other things that make me feel skeezy?

I can promise you this: if it makes you feel skeezy, you won't have to do it. That includes joining Facebook groups just so you can pitch people within them. That is not a long-term, sustainable success strategy and I'm not interested in following other people's get rich quick schemes. What you will learn is how to craft a pitch strategy for YOUR business that matches YOUR goals and resonates with YOUR voice. Will you feel uncomfortable? Probably. Will you feel skeezy? Nope.

+ When does it start? Can I start getting rejections now?

Yes. Although - the program is structured to help you get your brand clarified before you start pitching so that your pitches have maximum impact. Calm down. We’ll have 10 months together winkyface...although if you’re sitting on a pitch that you’ve been thinking about sending FOREVER, hit send, Gorgeous!

+ How much time will it take?

I recommend that you allow 3-4 hours each week to work through the material, knowing that, as you move into the pitching portion starting in February, you may not need as much time.

Consider how much time are you willing to put towards growing your business. If you cannot fathom finding a few hours each week to dedicate towards growing your business, this is not the program for you. Not sure how you'll find the time? Consider how much time you spend screwing around on the internet and what might happen if you were able to replace that time with work that was actually productive. What if everything else melted away and you made this project your priority? You might be less worried about time and more concerned with OMGCANISTARTALREADY?!

+ Will you be offering 1-on-1 time?

Currently, I’m not able to offer additional 1-on-1 time due to my ongoing projects. But, if you want guaranteed time with me, you can snag one of the bonus spots and/or sign up for the 100 Rejection Letters + BrandCrush combo. Additionally, if I do open up 1-on-1 time on my calendar, 100 Rejection Letters participants will be the first to know!

+ When are the monthly Q&A calls?

The monthly group calls will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at noon PST, starting with a kick-off welcome call on November 9.

The calls will be held on the following dates at noon PST: Wed, 11/9 Wed, 12/14 Wed, 1/11 Wed, 2/8 Wed, 3/8 Wed, 4/12 Wed, 5/10 Wed, 6/14 Wed, 7/12 Wed, 8/9

The calls will be held via an online video conference and will be recorded for participants to access whenever they'd like. You’ll have an opportunity to submit your questions in advance, and your questions will still be answered if you aren’t able to attend live.

+ What if I can't make the live calls?

All calls will be recorded for participants to access whenever they'd like.

+ Wait. The calls are on VIDEO?! Does that mean other people will be able to see me?

While you will be able to turn your video off should you choose, the video gives us all a chance to get to know each other better. Trust me, it’s great!

+ I’m not in the US. Can I still participate?

You bet! As long as you have good internet access, you’ll be able to access all the calls and program material.

+ How will the accountability groups work?

Upon registering, you’ll submit an intake form that tells me more information about your business, your group preferences, and your time zone, and I’ll put the groups together based on that information. Additionally, I’ll be including an accountability group guide for each lesson.

+ How do the expert brain picking calls work? Will I have the chance to talk to each person directly?

While you won't be able to talk to each of the experts directly, I will be crafting my interviews based on your questions, which is the next best thing! You’ll have the chance to submit your questions in advance, considering carefully what information would be most helpful to you. Then I’ll record the interview and share the recording with you - it’s like a season of bonus podcast episodes with the questions determined by YOU.

+ What will the quarterly Inside Scoop webinars cover?

These quarterly webinars are your chance to go behind the scenes of my successful, 6-figure business. I’ll break down my business goals and revenue, what’s working, what’s not working, and what I’m working on next. These will be presented webinar-style so you’ll have a chance to ask questions in real-time.

+ Can you tell me more about the meditations that are included? Are they a required part of the program?

While the meditations are not required, they are HIGHLY recommended for you to be as successful as possible in this program. This series of meditations has been developed in collaboration with my spiritual guru Lacy Young and are designed to give you the exact mindset shifts you need to move through the program. Each month’s meditation correlates with that month’s 100RL assignment and we recommend that you listen to the meditation each morning. They will be between 5 and 10 minutes. Trust me, you have the time and it's SO worth it.

+ How far along in my business do I need to be to participate?

If you have an existing business and a dream to get your voice out into the world, then you’ll be in good shape. If you’re just getting started, that’s okay too, although you’ll want to have a website by early-February when we start pitching.

Don’t have a website yet? The 100 Rejection Letters + BrandCrush combo is perfect for you!

+ What if I don't know what my someday business even is? Will the program still work for me?

Probably not. This program has been created for existing businesses, and is designed to get you pitching soon. If you aren't sure what your business is, it's probably not a good fit.

+ How will I be ready to pitch by February if I’m just getting started?

The first three months of this program are designed to help you clarify your brand and your business goals before you start pitching. We’ll start the pitch process in February.

If you're having major website anxiety, consider the BrandCrush combo so that both your brand and your site will be stylin' by Feb!

+ I'm interested, but I don't have a creative business. Can I still participate?

Perhaps. If there's something you want in your life, whether it's a new job, a relationship, or to start standing up for yourself, embracing the idea of rejection can make a big difference. This program has been designed as a business and brand building experience (unlike any other!) so you will have to translate the content to fit your non-business creative endeavor.

+ Tell me more about the BrandCrush combo. How does it all work? When does it run?

BrandCrush is a 10-day branding and website-building intensive that I created with my graphic designer, Erin Cassidy, and we are offering a special January version to you so that your website will be ready for all your pitching when February swings around! This round of BrandCrush will run January 9-18 and you’ll walk away with your own baller Squarespace website and all the branding assets and clarity to make your business sing. Because you’ll also have the foundation of the 6-week branding bootcamp, this round of BrandCrush will include bonus content to help you craft your website copy and social media strategy in accordance with your story, your brand, and your ideal customers.

Wanna know more about BrandCrush and see examples of what past participants have created? Check out heybrandcrush.com for all the deets.

+ What's up with the bonus offer?

The first 50 people to register will receive a bonus brand clarity strategy session with me to be used in early January. These small group calls (no more than 4 of you on each call) will give you the chance to get my eyes (and candid thoughts!) on your brand. Not only will I work with you directly, you’ll also have the chance to hear me give feedback to 3 other participants! It’s like you’ll get to spend 90 minutes in my head! You’ll have a chance to choose a time that’s convenient for you.

+ How long do I have to sign up for all of this?

The program starts on November 7, and registration for this current round will be open until October 31. Early-bird pricing is available until October 24. Because this is a 10-month program, you won't be able to sign up again until Fall 2017.

+ Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

I stand behind the program I've created, so no, I am not able to offer a money-back guarantee. Just as J Crew won't refund your purchase of a shirt that is still hanging in your closet with its tags on after 2 years.

Your success in this program depends on your commitment. It is up to you to do the work of this program, and I will teach you all of my best dance moves. But I'm not going to be on the sidelines with you dragging you out onto the floor. It's up to you to meet me under the disco ball. And if you're willing to, magic will be made. I promise. That being said, if at any point you aren't satisfied with the material, please let me know and I'll make it right.

+ Can I really do this?

Yes. It's your turn. Let's go.

100 Rejection Letters

$997 early-bird pricing

$1,247 after 10/24

Click through for payment plans. 
Registration closes 10/31.

100 Rejection Letters + BrandCrush

$2,497 early-bird pricing

$2,697 after 10/24

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